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Essential Motion - World-class Motion Presets for Resolve

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Watch the launch video to learn about all the juicy details ūüėĄ

Flexible and easy to use

All presets use adjustment clips which lets you apply this effect to multiple layers (ie. graphics) at the same time. 

To apply it you simply drag and drop from the Power Bin you imported the presets to.

Use scenarios are endless. From feature films to talking head videos. 

Fast render time

All presets are GPU-accelerated and resolution-independent. 

You can use it for 4K, UHD, 1080p timelines as well as for vertical and square aspect ratios.


You can access keyframes and adjust the speed if you need to. 

Often times when we get a plugin or a preset to improve our editing arsenals, we are fixing a problem, but we're also adding an extra step. It's time for you to switch it up and actually save time while editing. That's why we created a preset pack called Essential Motion.

We're fixing a non-creative problem: You're wasting time! Stop creating new keyframes for every zoom you want to add to a clip. Use these simple drag & drop, non-destructive presets instead, and adjust if necessary. You will already start saving time today, and it will really add up in the long run.

All 34 presets are as flexible as we could have made them: resolution-independent, easily accessible keyframes, can be used in a wide variety of scenarios and they're all GPU accelerated.

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Essential Motion - World-class Motion Presets for Resolve

11 ratings
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